Power Matching ERG mode - Tacx Vortex Smart and Stages

(Kees Vermeer) #1

I have tried the new ERG mode Power Matching feature, where I set my Stages (Dura Ace) as the powermeter, and the Tacx Vortex Smart as the controllable trainer. Cadance is also measured through the Stages.

Somehow the ERG mode is not consistent at all. It does from 20/30W over to 20/30W under, almost never on target. Feel the resistance of the smart trainer change all the time.

A completely different experience compared to using the smart trainer as power meter.

Hope this ‘issue’ can be fixed?

(Kees Vermeer) #2

Just some additional info, tried is on iPad version of Zwift, everything connected by Bluetooth.


(Arne A) #3

I have exactly same experience. 

(Andreas Doerr) #4

Same here. Feels like feedback loop reacting to powermeter readings is far too slow/delayed. I’d guess a better Trainer specific feedforward control + smaller feedback corrections based on the sensor readings would help a lot.
Or maybe utilize trainer power estimates for fast control and powermeter readings to correct.

(Rob Wilkins) #5

I have a similar issue with the Kickr in erg mode and a stages power meter… Has there been any more feedback on this?

(Gareth Doman [BRT]) #6

Using the Tacx Vortex but using Gamin Vector3 and have the same problem. So different power meters, different trainers but same problem guessing problem lies with Zwift?

Has anyone had any feedback?

(Kevin West) #7

Same here for tacx vortex / stages combination both connected with ANT+

Going to go back to using just the tacx vortex on its own which is a shame because getting a good calibration on the vortex takes forever as power reading increases when wheel is warm.

With stages you can pretty much just hop on and ride.