Power lag on Wattbike Atom 2021 version

Hi all, just seeing if anyone else has experienced this… when I’m racing and I ease off the power, there seems to be more than the 3 second lag (from the 3 second average) which means I have to sprint to get back on the group. Similar after a descent if I’m not pedalling, so I need to start pedalling about 6-8 seconds prior to needing the power

Hi - yes experience this too. I fully agree with your experience. When racing in a Team TT, I have to start peddling before any allotted start time. I have to try and predict the surges made by my team mates before they happen, so I have to concentrate all the time - this is particularly so on an undulating course. If I get any of this wrong I either surge paste the peloton or (worse) get dropped from their drag envelope.

Its also painful when doing workouts - which I spend a lot of time doing. When doing a series of high/medium power bursts for extended periods (>30 secs), the system retains the higher power for the lag period, which I find really difficult when I want to enter the recovery phase. Conversely, it takes the lag period to get up to the higher power at the start of the interval.

I estimate the lag to be about 6-8 seconds as you suggest.

Yes I’ve just started using my Atom 2021 and experience this problem. Have either of you had any luck resolving the issue? @Martin_Briggs8556 @Al_little_Moonglu_CC

I think the issue might be associated with the Zwift trainer hardness setting. Mine has been set at 50% pretty much since I started Zwifting. I’ve recently up it to about 75% to see if this makes a difference. I’ve not raced since I changed so I don’t know what impact it’s had. I’ll keep you informed.