Power issue on elite zumo

hi i have calibrated my zumo but each time i ride my power wattage is always below 100 and i dont travel any faster than 10kph !!! HELP!! i only got it yesterday

Is it easy to pedal on the flat in Zwift, or is it quite hard? Does it make any noise?

what type of cassette did you install and what type of bike do you have on it, what’s the gearing?

its fine pedalling, cadence at 75-80 but power is low .

i have 8 cassette with the correct 1.85 spacer to allow it too fit correctly. mountain bike

Did you check for firmware updates with the Elite upgrado app and calibrate with the Elite app or in Zwift? That might make a difference.

Mountain bikes usually have much smaller gearing up front making it easy to “spin out” on the flats in Zwift.

done all the calibrations but ill look at the upgrado app. thank you