Power Graph goes flat during full sprints

= I’m riding a CycleOps Magnu smart trainer that supports up to 1500 watt peak resistance.  I done a few group ride in Lodon where power chart  levelel out at about 400 what when I know I was between 300 to 500.  Gut the chaft had strangly flat graph.  Also did a sprit down leith.  I was well rested, that power graph show a weirdly level 800ish.   Afterwords I got the awards for 900 what, 1000 what and 1100 what. Clearly the graph of the effert should have been all over the plaxwlwer

I’t not a huge deal, strava get the power data correct…

What’s going on



Seems like some of the in-game graphs are maxed out at 600 watts.  It will track your actual watts (or at least as high as 1100 ish, past that I can’t say) but some graphs only show up to 600.

Yes, no?  Confirmation anyone?