Power going wonky

I’ve had my Kickr for 2 years paired with zwift in the same location of my house with the same laptop. The past week my conncection is difficult to understand. Either…

  1. zwift shows it as 0 power and kickr has no resistance
  2. Resistance is very high (and cadence is very low) and i can’t break thru to normal (like you just turned ERG on from dead stop at 500w)
  3. It holds normal power for 30 seconds and then drops
  4. If i get lucky and reset, reconnect, reboot it might act normal and i get a ride in. But i haven’t figured out what does it.

I’ve did the lastest firmware update on kickr. I connect with Bluetooth to laptop. I have no new obstructions that could cause signal confusion. Power and connection shows normal if i look at the wahoo app. Any advice of what else I could be missing?

I wonder if it’s the latest zwift release. Problems started after the latest…but they release pretty often so that’s not likely.

Hi @Dan_Vitina , you may want to go into Documents/Zwift and delete your prefs.xml and KnownDevices.xml files. This will reset your settings preferences and auto pairing settings to default. If the issue continues to occur and only shows up in Zwift, please reach out to us in Support and we can do troubleshoot with you.

Thanks @Rowdy. This didn’t work. I’ll reach out tomorrow