Power Freezes

anybody have power freezes, too?

After 10 minutes or less, or more (not reproducebale)  the power freeze on the UI see te image:

Zwiftalizer says all OK:

I have the data also on my Mobile so the power change there, but not in zwift!? 

I think my stick is broken, after the next train i had much ANT+ searches, i have ordered a new one and will see.

my Firmware was sending wrong data, so that the power was freezing, it looks like when a division / 0 is happen, or not a number is reaching the stick, the data freeze.

I solve this my own, but could be that some vendors have that issue, too?

It is not  a Zwift problem it is a device problem.

I really love Zwift and hope that much updates for more maps coming soon!

Keep up the good work!

I have had this happen also. The power will freeze at a specific reading and the only way I have found to fix it is to unplug the trainer. It does not happen often - about the times in 25 rides this far. How did you resolve this?

Sorry, that should have read 3 times in 25 rides. It is not reproduceable.

I have access to my ant+ source and had reduce to 4 request per seconds instead of 8

Also i have changed the extension cable ANT+ Stick and Trainer device are now 25 centimeter from each other. 

I dont change anything else. May be you need a firmware upgrade?

If you like you can check on zwiftalyzer for more Info and help:


Ride on!

I am pretty sure my firmware is up to date but I will double check. I also keep my ANT stick close to my trainer with an extension cable. What an I looking for in the zwiftalyzer analysis? And how do I find my ANT source?

I suggest you post your setup with screenshots on facebook in group zwift riders:



There are fantastic people and offer great help. I am also there :slight_smile:

I have access to my “source code” so i can change things that you normally cant. 

I have build my own power meter.


Good luck

Good suggestion. Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.