Power drops

Last few rides I have been getting power drops, small ones not a problem longer ones are. I had this problem on an old kickr but my new one has been fine until recently. Did zwift change something with the last update. I don’t get this problem on another cycling app

Give us a bit more detail on your setup and we should be able to assist.

I use 200mb internet connection with cable to a windows 10 laptop. All of 2020 I was using a tacx Neo2 trainer that was ok, swapped to a latest kickr in March all has been fine until very recently when I noticed the small power drops. Todays ride had 2 bigger drops that caused me to go from near the front of group to almost out the back. If I stay at the front it does not seem to happen, this makes the rides stressful as I spend all the time looking at the graph. The smaller drops are not a problem bigger ones are.

The power drops aren’t anything to do with your internet connection. They’re probably to do with the connection between your trainer and your laptop. How are they connected, e.g. built-in Bluetooth, ANT+ dongle?

Ant+ dongle

Dongle inches from trainer

Try a new extension cable. Over time with sweat etc they tend to fail. I’ve had a couple go in the 5 years I’ve been active.

I have ordered a new dongle + cable from wahoo hope that resolves the problem

Looks like the new ant has worked, no power drops in the last 3 group rides