Power drop out on Stages PM

(Grant Worrall (C)) #1

Today was my 1st experience of the Zwift technology and on the whole it is very impressive. However, i experienced regular drop of power from my stages PM. i moved the PC laptop closer to the PM but this did not help with the issue. At 1st it was when i pushed 350W plus but then i would get irregular drop out ranging from 200W to 500W. I tried stopping and restarting but this did not regularly sort the issue. it was a little annoying as i was pushing for some KOMS :-). I am running a Real turbo muin also and therefore im not sure if that is causing the interference. It wont stop me from using the equipment but it is frustrating when your ‘in the red’ and your power is reading 0 and your avatar is sat having a drink!!!

Let me know if this feedback is helpful, and it would be great if anyone could let me know of any potential work round.

(Allan Watkins) #2

How close is your ANT+ sensor? If it’s not about the distance your on bike computer is away from you then try moving it closer, or get a USB extension cable. I have a laptop fairly far away and use a 9ft extension cable to put the usb dongle by the middle of my training mat.

(Allan Watkins) #3

Oops, just read you did try moving it closer. ANT+ seems to be finicky, some other users here say they turn their other wireless equipment off too.

(Jeff Seger *USMES*) #4

I noticed a similar thing two nights ago. I thought at first that it might be a low battery, but according to ipSensorMan, my battery is going strong.

(Jeff Seger *USMES*) #5

Oh and my laptop and ANT+ dongle was the same distance it always is from the wheel, and I had not experienced this before.

(Mike Bishop ECO) #6

I am having the same issue with my Stages. My Garmin HR monitor works great from 3-4 feet away but my Stages seems to struggle with 3 inches. I have turned off the wifi on my computer but that didn’t help. I bought a USB extension cable but my dongle wouldn’t work at all with the extension. I am using the very small Garmin dongle. I am curious what you are using.

(Jeff Seger *USMES*) #7

Suunto dongle here. Haven’t tried an extension cable to this point, but given that it was working flawlessly prior to the update, I’m not sure the issue is with the ANT+ connectivity.

(Grant Worrall (C)) #8

it is pleasing (unfortunately) that im am not the only one experiencing this issue. i was running my garmin 800 at the same time, so ill take that out of the equation next time. However, i have used an ANT+ dongle for my real turbo muin without any issues. I am using an elite dongle but as i said i think its more an issue with the program than my hard/software.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #9

I have the Garmin ANT+ stick and use it with no problems with an extension cable I got from Amazon. In fact, I just bought a new, longer 10ft cable.

(Allan Watkins) #10

This thread may also help, and it has a link to the USB extension cord off amazon that I think a lot of us are using.


(Lottery Discountz) #11

The Stages aerial/transmitter is a bit finicky. It’s very directional. Even in the real world, wrist mounted Garmins like the 910XT struggle with the Stages due to alignment in relation to the crank. It’s an ongoing bugbear…

I suggest moving your ANT+ dongle around to a few different positions in relation to the crank. Parallel to the front wheel works for me, but you might also want to try under your BB or down tube. Anything to the outside of the crank arm will be problematic.

(Grant Worrall (C)) #12

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I tried again with out the garmin on and i have to say it was worse. I will buy a usb extension and place the dongle as close to the BB as i can… fingers crossed

(J Stonehouse WBR (B)) #13

Same behaviour for me, will try the USB extension cable trick and selectively disabling WiFi and other RFI sources…

(Grant Worrall (C)) #14

Ok so I have been and bought a USB 2.0 cable extension and placed the ant dongle underneath the BB… And it worked perfectly!!! Thanks for all the help guys and gals. FYI I bought my cable from Maplin (uk) for £12.99 expensive but did the trick.

(Karl Andre Dalby) #15

I had the same experience with Stages and solved it by using an old extension cable I had lying around and placing my Suunto movestick mini on the training mat close to the crank arm. Make sure the usb stick is not ending up in the sweat pool :slight_smile:

(Michael Henasey) #16

Have you tried the Bluetooth LE support that’s in beta right now?

Your phone acts as a proxy (middle-man) to connect to your BT sensors and relays that to the game.

This might solve your signal issues. On paper, BT has a much better range than ANT+ I believe.


(Nicky Roger) #17

I’m having the same issue with Stages but only recently. I had two months of trouble-free riding then started getting issues so Stages sent a replacement meter but I’m still having problems. My Suunto ANT+ is the same distance from crank as it was when I had no issues, but I’m getting permanently auto-paused and can only ride for mere seconds at a time. I don’t think extension cable will help me: my bike and MacBook are virtually touching. Power shows up fine on my Garmin 920. I wonder if that’s a problem? Should I not run Garmin watch at same time? Seems bonkers though.