Power discrepancy between Apple TV and Companion App

Saw this post on the Forum before, archived but w/o resolution. Last night during a race, the power displayed on Apple TV screen via direct link to Apple TV was lower (by as much as 100 watts during efforts) as the power showing on the companion app directly. Wahoo Kickr V4 for power, direct BT connection to Apple TV. Power on Apple TV display seemed quite low given my efforts.

Any thoughts on this?

I have found that they are regularly different. I haven’t really looked into it, but my feeling has generally been that the ATV is showing a smoothed power (since I have it set at 3 second average) and the Companion is showing instantaneous (as I don’t think I’ve seen a setting to change it there). So, in a race - where you might change power rapidly - I could definitely see it as possible that the Zwift App and Zwift Companion might show wildly differing values.

Interesting, but does seem like even at steady efforts the Apple TV power was quite a bit lower. Curious if the power smoothing feature could take the bite out of attacks and surges given the dampening of your efforts… Perhaps I’ll connect to Apple TV via the companion app to see if they equalize.

The power smoothing is only the display of power, i.e. it’s the display that’s smoothed, not the way the power itself is delivered. I don’t see any real difference other than this on my Apple TV.

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