Power and "strength" workout

I’ve done the “strength” workout a few times in the beginner FTP builder program and I’m curious about what power I should be putting down to maximize the workout.  The workout has me bring it up to 160% for 10 seconds intervals.  You can see the profile at the link or in zwift obviously.  https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/6wk-beginner-ftp-builder

The thing is that it’s pretty easy.  Should this be a max effort or should I strictly follow the protocol?  Is there a purpose to holding back so much? 


Hi Wesley,

If you’re finding that the workouts are too easy, perhaps your FTP needs to be higher. The workouts will scale in difficulty based on your FTP score, so if haven’t taken an FTP test recently, that might be your first course of action. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you.