Power and Cadence disappeated

Hi There, recently got the Hub one and started using Zwift. A couple of days ago, lost all power and cadence. Tried unpairing/reinstalling but no change. Updates are all current? Any ideas?

what device are you using to run zwift on?
are the lights on the trainer blue or red?

Hi Rich, Its the Zwift Hub one. Solid Blue light. Im showing connected for Power source, cadence, controls and resistance.

Using laptop to run it on. Used companion app on phone to setup a couple of months ago. Was working great.

You should have Zwift support look at your log files. Sometimes they can spot obvious problems in data that the rest of us don’t have access to.

Thanks Paul. Will do.

Hi @David_Rothwell, welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift.

This sounds like it might be related to a device connection issue, checking this article and applying the tips might be the solution you’re looking for, If the issue persists, a more personalized service would surely help! Just click here to get started.