Potential zPower Reading Fix

(Christopher West) #1

Just wanted to see wether this would be a potential option for me to get more our of zwift before i commit to a montly subscription.

Im currently using speed/cadence meter and a HRM. I use rollers as im not too bothered about the change in resistance or the race aspect, its more to have something more engaging to look at instead of the garage wall.

The rollers arent supported with the zpower power curve so the reading is most likely way off and i dont have a power meter, or the funds to invest in one.

However i do have a friend with a power meter, would it be possible to tweak the classic trainer and rider weight settings, whilst using my friends power meter seperatly to get the power curve to match as close as possible.

I.e power meter reading = 100w, zPower reading = 100w.

Job done, or is this way off the mark?