Postponing ZwiftPower Height & Weight Changes [April 2021]

I just saw the thread, and I am not sure everything that has been discussed.

Apparently Zwift thought about hiding weight and height, and there was pushback on that, because of the widespread cheating in regards to weight and height.

And Zwift says that hiding weight and height encourages individual health and wellness, without explaining the well, to be frank preposterous statement.

Most of us don’t exist only online, we also exist in the real world, hiding our height and weight is impossible.

I am curious about also the underlying rational for the concern over underweight? I realize that Zwift is worldwide, but where I live, in the United States, 36.5% of adults are obese. Another 32.5% adults are overweight. On the other end of the spectrum 1.7% of adults are underweight.

Personal experience, using cycling I was able to go from the obese category, to normal weight - for a time, until covid hit. But now I’m quite a bit heavy once again. But for the years I was in “normal” weight category - wow, I had high praise for cycling for helping me achieve that.

I’m sure among the most elite of elite riders, you find a skew towards underweight, but I’d like to see the data that shows that is the issue for Zwift membership, or even racers in general. The greater health concern is the skew to overweight, despite cyclings exercise benefits, I bet you the data shows that Zwift membership hasn’t escaped societies ills - and that health concerns are rightly placed on helping people lose weight.

But anyway, just popped in to say - share that data with us Zwift, if this is data based, I’d like to see it, it is an interesting topic.


What’s next. Cycling and… BEER!!
Please never.

If people want to race , they should have to put weight , heart rate and height in.

Just look at regular gold winners in the cs and Ds, sandbagging is rife.

Wellness has got nothing to do with Zwift power and racing. Its a race format.

Politically correct nonsense, and virtue signalling. This is a paid for app for racing.

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Not sure when it happened (maybe it was ages ago) but I’ve only just realised this has already been implemented anyway. Good news.


Maybe too late to the game here but has it already been suggested to have an Opt In or Opt Out selection for Zwift race events. You choose Opt In and height, weight and HR are posted with race results. Racing is racing and competitive people want to know how they did in their category. You select Opt Out and you get results posted for the race/event ONLY if you satisfy all the criteria for the race and only for your ride/activity in Zwift Companion, not the full race results posted on ZwiftPower. If you Opt Out it is like doing the TOW rides, your time at the end and that is it.

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I think height and weight should be hidden. Cheating in a virtual game should be far less of a concern than the debilitating and lifelong problems that can stem from obsessing over numbers like weight, which often starts in places like this where it is literally placing emphasis on weight’s performance BY showing it, as well as how viewing it still affects those that have dealt with similar issues previously. Find another way to stop people cheating.

Cycling is all about weight, it has been that way for decades. Even if the number is not displayed we all know less weight mean you go faster up climbs. Pro riders use to remove the paint from their bikes to save weight or use downtube shifters because it is lighter.


I think Zwift is on the cusp of the right answer and I hope they follow thru.
Zwift users are like apples and oranges.
Most Zwift users don’t race so cheating and height and weight verification and even accurate power is not important.
These users should ride and exercise and participate in group rides and open races just as they do now without having to see a riders ht or wt.
Then there are the racers and all that private crap just goes out the window.
Op in to E race, show your stats and enforce categories.
No single rule set will be adequate for both groups.


Which begs the question why even attempt to implement the proposed idea of removing weight and height from ZwiftPower? Anyone who doesn’t race doesn’t need to opt in to ZwiftPower where your weight and height are displayed.

That is the argument most people have been making why this idea was not well thought through since everyone on ZwiftPower had to actively decide to sign up for it and it was clear from seeing the site weight and height would be shown.


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I just checked into Zwift power and note that while “Age” appears as an option for a particular race/event, i tried to click and it would not fill in: hence no age data. I have not tried on all or any other events so am not sure if this is universal or selective to that particular race. Regardless, I want to make the point that for older riders (65-69 in my case) NOT having the age data makes it completely useless. I really don’t want to compare myself to 25 - 40 year old riders so see how I fared. I have no doubt that I could have fared very well against many of them at the same age. What I am interested in is how I fared against others in the event in my age group. It is ridiculous to exclude this data. When we do a triathlon, we have no hesitation declaring our age for the public to see. In fact, we get excited when we move up into a new age group because suddenly we are the ‘youngest’ in the group versus the ‘oldest’ in the previous age group. We all compare ourselves to other in the same age group. When Dave Scott went back to Kona after a 4-year break to come second, he was happy to compare himself to the other pros and, of course, he stacked up fabulously. Now he is 60 something and it is irrelevant to compare his performance, if he were to come back, to the pros but no doubt he would kick ass in his age group and likely several age groups below as well. I think it is universal in sport for the last 30-40 years to think in terms of age groups and it makes ZERO sense for Zwift to remove that key metric in the stats. Every once in a while you see a 10 -15 year old in the stats and it is great to see how they compare to the other age groups to applaud them for their efforts. if their age is hidden, then we all miss the opportunity of seeing up and coming athletes working hard at a young age because we have no idea they are special (for being young and motivated). If some 40 year old tri vet gets upset about getting his ass kicked by a 15-year old: tough luck. For those who are ashamed of their age, tough. They can opt out of Zwift Power, Zwift racing etc and just carry on their own path. But they must know that if they ever put it on the line in a race IRL, everyone will know their age and their ranking so why hide? Please Keep Age in the stats as an option. I see no reason to also not keep Weight as it keeps people honest. There are enough fake (ie incorrect) stats out there in STRAVA where KOMs are held by people in my age group and you just know it is impossible but they remain and you just have to discard them to see where you stand relative to real stats. (It would be good if the software in STRAVA could remove obvious anomalies, but for now it does not seem possible so it is best to not take the stats too seriously and edit them yourself if you must see where you stand on a particular segment. Nobody else cares so get over the limitations in the data because in the end, it is not important).


At no point have Zwift said they are removing age, and it’s still visible on any event I check on Zwiftpower. I think you may have a bug or error in the single event you are checking.

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Totally agree. IRL, in triathlon and UCI the race cat are by age group. We need more races with age group categories on zwift. Despite being over 50, I am still in the A cat, but can’t do anything against racers 30 years younger on short effort… Very frustrating to get ejected from the pack, knowing you can’t improve your level on short effort because each year you get older and less explosive… I beleive many racers are looking for age group cat (and just very few races are using those cat)

There are age based races available!

Race categories are decided by the organisers, not zwift.

There are, but not many I think. At least, not that I know of. If I search for “masters” for example I see one race today, 4 tomorrow, 3 on Weds and 2 TTs on Thurs. But none are at times that suit me.

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