Posting rides

Currently now, posting rides is difficult because they are in so many places along with time zone problems. My husband and I have done 2 other biking sites with races from all over the world along with the racing my husband does online with rowing. All these sites have one main place to post their rides and sign up for them along with coming up with 1 main time zone. Please consider having people post rides on your Zwift site. When people log in, the rides are only posted in the time zone that current person is in. Therefore, all the rides posted are automatically being displayed in that persons time frame. All those site do this, so I know it can be done. When people post there rides have them pick different option like, jerseys, start time, average speed, how many laps, special instructions, etc. I know everyone is possessed on watts and power per weight ratio, but that is pretty individual to everyone. Average speed is not.

Thanks for reading my post.

I’m not sure I agree with posting rides by ave. speed since watts/kg is a better measure but I would like to see rides posted somewhere other than Facebook. There are a decent number of people with privacy concerns or employment that does not allow them to have a Facebook account. Having a more robust Zwift forum would help

I am not sure I understand with a watts per kilo preference. Why would that be?

As an aside, I weigh 103 kg. and while I may push 250 w, the guy along side at 70 kgs is pushing 180 w and leaving me behind. Especially on the hills. :slight_smile: