Post ride kudos?

I have met many nice people who have sent encouraging messages after rides, but I’m not sure how to return the favor. How do you send post ride encouragement?


Hi Matt

It all depends on the user’s account settings.

You would need to be able to view their profile and activities in order to give post-ride Ride Ons. This is not possible if their account is set to private, and you do not follow said person. The only exception is if you are both in the same club/group, then their activities (if published to the club) will show up on club activity feed.
You can then message them directly by clicking on the activity then adding a comment at the bottom of the activity page on Companion, or if you are using the website you can do so directly under the activity tab.

It is worth noting that the club feature appears to only be available on Companion app, and can’t be accessed through the website.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: