Possible laptop setting keeping Swift from responding?

I am using a KICK’r with an good laptop and good internet signal. I have a USB extension going down to the side of the trainer.

Everything seems to be working correct with the pairings of the trainer and HR strap.

I select workout and the and my rider appears. As soon as the rider is there and the workout is about to began the mircosoft circle starts spinning and the program is not responding. I rebooted the Swift 3 times and each time it was not responding as soon as the rider appears in the Swift World.

I thought maybe I was loosing the internet but I can check email and play youtube right after it happens. I am thinking maybe a setting in my computer? Any suggestions would be great!



I don’t recognize the exact problem you’re describing but check your firewalls. There may be firewalls on your PC, your router and/or your cable modem that are interfering with Zwift.