Possibility to sign-up to multiple training plans at once

It would be nice to have the possibility to access several training plans at once, while now, if I signed up for a training, I won’t be able, for example, to access the FTP test unless I cancel the training I am signed up to… or at least I could not find a way to do that.

You can select the FTP test under the workouts menu.

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I’m afraid I’m really struggling to see why anyone would want to be doing more than one training plan simultaneously, unless they wanted to pick and choose workouts.

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My scenario is that I have started with a training that only implies to sessions per week, but then I realized that I can allocate more time than expected and I have time for two additional ones.
Since I do not want to lose the four weeks I have done already I am keeping it active.
I would appreciate the possibility to start another training that gives me two additional weekly sessions.

That’s fair enough. There’s a large volume of standalone workouts that you can choose from.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a number of training plans are built with the mind that doing more than what is there already isn’t necessarily a great idea as it might cause burn out.