Positioning within Group Workouts

It would be cool if your position with the group was loosely based on your actual power staying close to the target power.

The closer you hit the numbers, the more you are on the front, the looser you are, gets you towards the back (but you would still be locked into the group as long as you are “riding”).

The current reshuffle front to back is counter-intuitive when you are sometimes in an easy recover on the effort, but your avatar is ripping from the rear at 30mph [50kph] to the front.

And the opposite happens when you are crushing the effort and nailing it, but you are sliding to the back.

It is inverse of reality and can lead to incorrect adjustments as you might ease up (or go harder) because what you see your avatar doing.

That sound like a good idea. Maybe they could make the rubber band bigger so you go to the back if you are below your target and move to the front as you achieve your target. 

And if you keep missing your numbers the band will break.