Poor customer sevice

Why cant I get someone to help me from zwift. They constantly expect me to speak to pre loaded questions and answers that is none of my problems

Since the last update i get told i have 25km free but yet im a long standing paid up customer, and it still shows all my correct stats

Now i cannot do my trianing

Hi @Bianca_Cybercoach

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I assume you are using a apple device and apple pay. There is a way to reactivate (if that is the correct words) your payment.

If that is the issue then I am sure someone with apple here will soon be helping.

If it is the common problem of payment via iTunes/Apple taking a while to be recognised by Zwift, there should be a prompt somewhere on the game screen to ‘Restore purchase’. Clicking on it should kick everything back in order. I’ve had that happen to me twice in three years.

However, something sounds off. The last update was quite a while ago now (with another major update expected today, I believe).
As far as Zwift Support is concerned, I’ve never had to contact them myself. However, according to what is posted here from time to time, you need to use the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the support dot zwift dot com page, and then persist with the automated questions/answers until there is an option to be put in contact directly with support staff. Good luck.

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