Poor Ant+ reception from Stages Power Meter

(Sean Mallahan) #1

Why is it that the ant+ dongle has to be within 3" of the stages to get a consistent reading only on Zwift. TrainerRoad, the Garmin 500, and the iPhone with the dongle all seem to have no issue with a couple of feet.


My laptop is 4 feet from Stages and works fine… Low battery?

(Sean Mallahan) #3

I’m using the MC client so not sure if that’s the issue. The battery is new and when Zwift wouldn’t work I went back to TrainerRoad using the same ant+ dongle at the same distance, not a single issue.

(Thomas Droumenq) #4

Using Stages with a Garmin USB ANT+, no issue either, works seemlessly with TrainerRoad & Zwift. I also read power on my Garmin 800 and no difference between Swift and Garmin reading

(Aldo Cella) #5

yep works fine with mine too at about 4 feet away. maybe some other interference coming from somewhere? I am using the Windows client.

(Dan Gottlieb) #6

i have the same problem. There are litterally (and yes i have just measured it by putting one foot infront of the other) 3 feet from my computer to my bike. I just recieved the power meter from stages today, so the battery should be new

(Sean Mallahan) #7

Solved my issue with the Mac client by using a USB extension cable to get the ant+ stick within 3" of the stages. (Bottom of my water bottle cage). Not the cleanest install, but until they get the programming right it will have to do.

(Simon Johnson BRS B) #8

I wouldn’t attribute it to “programming”.

My stages PM works perfectly fine with a Garmin ANT stick about 2-3 feet away from my bike.

Might want to read the FAQ over at TrainerRoad about connection issues on certain computers.

(Sean Mallahan) #9

Simon, like I said it works fine on TrainerRoad and apparently the windows version of zwift. If the stages is picked up by TrainerRoad, my Garmin, and my iPhone at a distance of 3-4’ it’s most definitely something in the programming of the Mac Zwift app. And it’s only the stages, HR and Garmin magnet less speed sensor work fine. Either way, for those with the same problem the solution I found elsewhere online worked. (USB extension cable to the bottom bracket area.

(Aldo Cella) #10

Even though I havent been having problems with my stages power meter signal dropping, I have been noticing my Wahoo HRM signal dropping pretty regularly. And I have to repair a few times mid ride. Ive moved my PC closer that seems to help a bit. I also seem to have some EM interference coming from my central heating furnace when it kicks on. Ive moved my pain station a little further away and that seems to have helped a bit.

(Paul Smith) #11

I have the same issue.  Stages fine with Garmin. Bkool fine with Zwift but Stages  not good with Zwift.  I’m using a Mac all firmware etc up to date and batteries new

(J Sanders) #12

Has anyone noticed a drop in power  while using Stages power meter on a trainer?  I push a lot less power on the trainer than the road and the result is getting smoked on zwift rides.  I have Stages 7900 with a cycleops super magneto  trainer.  Any advice?

(Michael Henasey) #13

My Stages is tracks the same with my KICKR consistently.

Now when I rode on my Kreitler rollers, my Stages “felt” like it was reporting a lower power than my perceived effort. No way to measure that though.

Do you zero reset your Stages at least once a week? Whenever you go from one large temperature change, like outside to inside, you should do a zero reset. What are your zero reset numbers? Are they within the expected range as stated by Stages? Was your Stages crank arm installed properly and the pinch bolts torqued to the specifications as per Shimano (i.e. 12-14 Nm)?


(T MAGNUM) #14

@Jackie, It’s normal. You use your muscles differently on a trainer unless you’d have a very heavy flywheel. On a trainer you have high resistance in all the pedalling phase but that doesn’t happen on the road. Try to use less resistance on your trainer and higher gears (53x11-15) so your wheel spins faster (more flywheel effect) and the feel will be closer to real life. And keep at it, you’ll get use to it very quickly and power will be easier to maintain after 6-8 sessions.

About the main topic, in my case I solved the problem with a cable extension and the ant+ dongle about 50cm from the left crank.

(Sean Pieper RXC) #15

I tried Zwift for first time yesterday and could not get my stages (2 years old) to connect with Zwift.  I have a Mac with Yosemite and newer Garmin ant+ USB dongle.  After reading this and other posts picked up a USB extension cord and so I could put dongle next to my bike.  No luck.  Today tried my TT bike with a newer Stages (1 year old) and no luck.  I should say that Zwift would find my power meter, just not register a signal.  Just wanting to ride I turned on my Garmin 510 and it would not find my Stages… ugh…  I took the battery out of the stages, waited 10-15 seconds, put battery back in… and suddenly my 510 AND Zwift received signal from my Stages.  Hopped on and did a short 50min ride with no issues.  Next time I have issue first thing I will try is just resetting my Stages

(brian Flowerday) #16

Same issue

Dell laptop

garmin ant stick

Barely 1m between the units


When my wife uses it with her garmin pedals no issue

It drops every minute, to the point where on an hour ride my avg power was 40 less on swift than on garmin

(Sean Pieper RXC) #17

I did an software update to both Zwift and my stages a couple of months ago.  Since then I’ve only had 1 or 2 minor issues with cadence being picked up.

(Jerry Weiss) #18

Maybe too obvious, but, just in case, don’t forget to “wake up” the Stages power meter by cranking it around a couple of times.