Polite Hand Gestures

(Paul Joyce) #1

How about some polite hand gestures to simply communicate to other riders? Maybe use keyboard shortcuts. Something like “Nice riding with you, I’m going to sit up now” wave, “pull thorough” elbow flick, thumbs up for the rider blasting past you.

(anon46748293) #2

But life will not be complete unless they add middle finger as well :wink:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Paul,

This is definitely on our radar :slight_smile:

PS - Kostya, I posed that suggestion on my own but was unanimously voted down! Ha ha!

(Paul Joyce) #4

Thanks Eric,

As long as car and truck traffic don’t get too bad, we shouldn’t need Kostya’s suggestion.

(Peter Lin) #5

it would really come in handy for virtual paceline. getting into a steady paceline is one of the best part of group rides for me, so definitely would help to have a gesture feature.

(Lennin Tabora) #6

I notice someone waved at me. I’ve been looking around the keyboard shortcuts, but haven’t run into how to achieve it. Anyone know?

(W es DaPirate {TFC}) #7

Lennin F2 on the keyboard I believe