Polar hearth rate band does not connect anymore

I have a polar hearth rate band witch at first connected and worked just fine. But one day he didn’t connect and has not since then. he works just fine on my polar watch.

some one knows how I can connect my polar band again?

Have you made sure it’s not connected to the watch at the same time? (Only the Polar H10 strap can connect to two devices at the same time.)

Hi @Rinus_van_der_Veen welcome to Zwift forums.

When’s the last time you replaced the battery? I’d recommend you eliminate a stale battery as the cause first.

The next thing I’d recommend is to reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module, and pair all the BLE sensors again.

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I had a Polar HRM and every time it started acting up it was a low battery. Drove me crazy.



Yes i did


Yes the battery is fresh. Thanks for your tip, i will give it a try!