Please send Zwift Play outside EU/GB/US

After starting implementing steering in racing, it seems it’s time to expand shipping from zwift-store.

There is a lot of zwifters enjoying a long winter in zwift in Norway, but we have no way of getting the zwift play. Please expand shipping options from the zwift store, so that all of us can enjoy the same experience!

Still waiting for Zwift play in Norway, it’s been long enough…


I used forward2me com to get this forwarded to Australia, only took about a week

When will you open up your shop for shipment to Norway?



Why no shipping to Norway ?


The year is 3024, the 5th world war is just over and zwift is contemplating shipping outside EU/US.
No decision is yet to be made.


I’m going to guess that once the whatever behind the scenes relationship is forming between Zwift and Wahoo solidifies a bit more, they’ll use Wahoo’s distribution channels to sell globally.


Hello everyone. Thank you for sharing your questions in this space. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate your valuable interest in our equipment and apparel products. I understand how important it is for you to have them in your current location. We’d love to be able to ship to users from Norway and other regions/countries.

Nonetheless, we are not able due to customs and logistic chain matters. Please note that we are constantly developing improvements in every aspect of our shipping service.

I’d like suggest you periodically take a look at our official channels such as Zwift Shop FAQ and In case we make changes on this regard, there you will find information.