PLEASE provide support for Bh Fitness bluetooth I.concept dual kit

(Alex Vonstuff) #21

Hello dear support Zwift team, this is another user expecting this could work. I have a BH Spada iConcept bike. It would mean a world to me and suppose that for other users too if you could make it compactibile with it. Original BH Spada software for i.concept is bad, horrible, unusable. It should be crime like somebody said, to sell this machine with this iConcept like a premium paid feature. Well I can not say how much I am disappointed and disgusted by it - it does not work and everybody in their software development team should apologize to each user who bought it. I think that Zwift is our only chance. It looks great, it looks funny, I see it everyday on Facebook and Instagram stories and I would love to finally change my boring 90 km indoor rides for the last 2 years for something competitive and motivating such as Zwift. I can see that this thread is one year old , already. Is there any chance  ? Thanks a lot for your answer in advance