I stopped using workout mode (and Zwift because workout mode is what I was really interested in) a few months ago because of the bizarre tunnel effect at the end of intervals on workouts. I just logged on and tried a workout and was bummed to see it is still there. Could we get an update on this? Will there be a feature to turn it on/off? Will it be turned on off soon? Or is it permanent? If so could you let me know so I can stop my Zwift subscription? Thanks

Note: When I did an test workout the other day, the end of the interval was around a sharp cornter so the ENTIRE screen was blurred until I rounded the corner. Why make such a great app then have a feature that makes you look anywhere be the screen repeatedly. I really don’t get it.

I agree, very annoying.  Actually, I thought something was going haywire with my computer or display.  When I’m working hard on an interval I feel it enough, and the last thing I need is a bizarre distraction.

It is annoying and we have been asking for its removal for a long time, at least a year.   I have found that if you create a workout with lots of short segments, the “tunnel” effect is not so pronounced.  This means you can’t use the automatic interval creator but rather create every little part of the intervals individually.  Painful. 

I like it, especially when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Toggle switch would be nice for those that prefer it off.

Love that effect, the recognition that you’re in that zone is a nice boost and spurs me on. Nice to see the developers put in a bit of effort to understand what you’re going through. 

I just can’t genuinely believe that anyone would actually not use workout mode because of some screen effect at the end of a hard interval. If you mentally cannot handle something like that to the extent that you’ll actually stop using the feature, then that says more about you than it does anything else that you’re criticising.

That applies to anything in life. 

What’s interesting is that you have given no explanation as to why it’s bad. Nothing aside from ‘it’s annoying’.

That’s the level of critique I’d expect from a child. What is it that’s so bad about the effect that you want everyone else who likes it in the community to stop having it. So bad that you want the developers to go back and spend time removing it.

What is so bad about it that we should all make this sacrifice for you?

And lets face it, if you’re so on the edge that a screen effect would stop you form using the entire range of benefits from workout mode, and stop structured training, then we all know that you’re just looking for excuses. Everyone tolerates stuff that’s not to their preference. I don’t like the animations, character designs, jerseys etc. None of it is cool enough for me - I want something far more stylised, fit, toned looking characters in cool Rapha aero jerseys, and so on. But there’s no way I’d even consider not doing my workouts because of that - because that would 1. be self-defeating, and 2. pathetic. 


Toggles for moaners. It’s the only way forward. Maybe make the toggle a paid for upgrade out of badness! 


I like it as well, it looks how I feel. Arghhhh  :)

+1 V room.

I cant say I like it or dislike it. When doing hard workouts to the point of tunnel vision I tend to just focus on the on the time remaining and wattage and that is perfectly clear (no tunnel vision). The tunnel vision is part of the game, that is not going to stop me from training. I cant expect to have a switch for every little thing in the game. 


“Love that effect, the recognition that you’re in that zone is a nice boost and spurs me on”

 - If you don’t have REAL tunnel vision while doing HIIT you are not working out hard enough. When you have REAL tunnel vision and are feeling nauseated because your heart rate is at its MAX the last thing you want is an additional dizzying effect on 90% of the screen. It does not “spur you on” it makes you back off slightly because you are already pushing yourself to the limit … on your own, for real. It is an unwanted distraction. And it doesn’t make sense to me - well it is starting to - why it is there.

“Nice to see the developers put in a bit of effort to understand what you’re going through.”

-  I realize this is a virtual reality program, but making you “feel” like you have tunnel vision is taking the virtual part a little too far.

“What’s interesting is that you have given no explanation as to why it’s bad. Nothing aside from ‘it’s annoying’.”

 - I just did. I thought it was obvious, but I guess you needed the explanation. 

“That’s the level of critique I’d expect from a child.”

  • I’d respond to that but I’m out of troll food.

“What is so bad about it that we should all make this sacrifice for you?”

 - If you would actually read my op beyond the subject line, you would see I’ve asked for an on/off option, as has everyone else in all the other posts about this. And “sacrifice”… ?

I’d love to see a well publicized vote on if people actually like this feature or not. Not a tally from the latest post, it seems all the initial reactions to the post are against the feature, but then a week later the people who “like it” seem to chime in. I find that interesting.

If you search all the other posts on the subject it seems that overwhelmingly people don’t like it.

I really like Zwift and what they are doing. I just wish they would add an ON/OFF option for the people doing HIIT. And I’m far, far from being alone here.



I have run a few workouts by now and I get annoyed every time this silly effect starts. Why degrade an otherwise excellent grafic view by distorting everything. It gets to the point where it takes the focus away from performing a proper end of the workout. Even though the workout is no way at my limit, the damn thing still appears. As mentioned earlier it would be nice if users could toggle the effect on and off. 

Anyone who requires a circa 1980 interlaced video effect to simulate high intensity when approaching the end of a hard leg clearly is not working hard enough! Many people will have made the investment into computer hardware to make the game run smooth and look great - interlacing has no place in any modern computer environment. A quick search online proves why I and many others dislike about interlacing which can be described as a distracting screen flicker, which can cause headaches and eye fatigue.

I would definitely support an on / off configuration option for this interlacing “tunnel vision” effect…

Damon, I don’t think anyone said they needed the effect. Quite an odd interpretation and rant.


Personally I like it too, think they’ve done a nice job with the timing of it.

Recently found a bug and was encouraged by the support team to post here on what I thought was my GPU running out of memory - no no that’s tunnel vision they say…

Some very insightful views, others more basic like yours KS… but I definitely don’t want need or expect to see interlaced in 2017 and on a game that supports 4k resolution. The feature ads no value what so ever.

Above: when you try to belittle someone’s intelligence while admitting that you’re not smart enough to work out what the screen effect was for.

Angsty teenage rants, time-wasting support tickets and a basic misunderstanding between people needing and liking something.

Looking a bit cringe there, Damo.

No no all good there V Room but your attempting to flame me does look juvenile, the support ticket was for something unrelated and confirmed one of FTP booster workout days had a glitch and would skip a recovery phase. I took the opportunity to thank them (support team) and still I find it hard to believe that developers would deliberately code in interlacing as a desirable effect.

So to clear up any possible confusion the defect analysis process required me to share anything unusual I’d noticed with my computer - I mentioned the weird interlacing effect at that point…and they sent me to here for that. Lucky me huh?

So in terms of intentionally belittling anyone, definitely not the case - stating a simple preference is a basic comment. Let me also add KS is spot on with the assessment, its really odd indeed that the first thing I think of is a 1980s computer game when I see this effect on the screen… and not what was intended which is I’m on the ragged edge…

Fair point on the needing vs liking aspect, I wrongly jumped the gun and assumed if you liked something so much to get on a forum and defend it then you value it and it could be interpreted as a necessity. So what I’m hearing is some people don’t mind it, some like it and some wouldn’t miss it… and no one needs it. Point taken.

Hopefully this time I’ve not offended or belittled anyone, including not wasting Zwift staff time or behaved in a way that suggests I lack intelligence. I sincerely appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


Here why tunnel vision is a bad feature.

  1. Its distracting. I want to focus on my workout and not on a feature that reminds me that I’m looking at a video screen.

  2. A primary benefit of Zwift is the high quality graphics and images. There is no benefit to reducing the quality of the graphics. If there was a benefit, the development team would not have bothered creating high quality imagery in the first place.

  3. If I’m riding outside and my glasses get dirty, I clean them. Why? Because I want to see whats in front of me. Its the same when riding Zwift.

  4. Tunnel vision does not provide a benefit other than to remind the rider that they are nearing the end of an interval. There are better less intrusive ways to provide the same information.

Tunnel vision needs to be an optional feature or removed completely.


I vote for removal of this “feature” but would settle for an on/off option.

I hate the fact that Zwift won’t run on my laptop (integrated GPU) because of it’s ridiculous graphic demands (and has no graphic option settings like normal games do) and then some “genius” decided to blur and gray out the whole hi-def graphic part of the screen during workouts.

I’ll start reporting this as a bug untill it is resolved :smiley:

YAY --------> “Added toggle for workout darkening effect that appears during hard intervals”

Amazing!  And it only took 2 years of complaining.

Zomg, I’ve never been happier doing an interval on Zwift!!!  HURRAY!   Good grief, I create enough of my own “distortion” … Hmmm, perhaps now can you add a feature where you beam in the webcam of my face during an interval?   No hurry, though, I can wait a few more years for that! :slight_smile: