Please make a confirm option for join meetup

I was racing in a race the other day and wanted to check my average watts. This is done by clicking on Menu looking at your average watts in the graphic on the left. I am using a Mac Laptop and grabbed my mouse to move down to the area to click. The first click brings up the Menu button so you can click it to open it up. Well I was moving my mouse to click to bring it up and I was clicking above where menus would have been and to my surprise a JOIN MEETUP button appeared. YUP perfect storm. Annnnnnns I clicked. No big deal when you try to quit a race if you click that it confirms you sure stupid you really meant to click that big glowing button that said quit. Yes I did or No I didn’t. Well if you have not figured out by now I was not prompted because there is not one for JOIN MEETUP. I was probably going to win the race maybe come in second if I was unlucky… But instead I did not get any points in the first race of the season. So basically I am one whole race behind most of the competition now.

Yes this is my fault and I should not have clicked right where that button could have appeared. and I will NEVER click near the bottom left with my first click ever again. But the simple solve would be to verify before you leave any ride that you really mean to. Just a thought.