Please Lower Subscription Fees During COVID-19 Pandemic

You will have about as much luck with that as trying to get International Paper to lower the cost of toilet paper and RB to lower the price of Lysol. During times of crises, the stuff that is in demand makes their owners a nice profit. But they better bank it, because when this is over it will be lean times for them for a while.

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Nice, which events? I meant free for non or cancelled subscribers as people loose income. I can’t see anything like this.

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You are correct, I’m afraid. The follow-on economic consequences are going to the worst part. Eventually it will recover, but there could very well be two years of depression era realities…

OK - I’ve had a listen. Zwift is an Internet Startup. There are a couple of business models for Internet Startups. The strategy for Zwift is growth - the infusion of the $120Million VC funding from Highland Europe indicates this.

See for why this is so.

It’s a fairly standard strategy - Twitter recently made it’s first profit, Amazon famously took years after going public to make a profit (but grew and grew and grew). Tesla, Spotify, Uber, Slack and AirBnB are all following the model.

The aim of Zwift is not to become profitable - it is to build the future potential for profitability through growth. To do this they attract VC funding and reinvest every penny of revenue into growth. Making a profit means they have run out of ideas for growth. Profotability at this stage is not a sign of health or viability.

Their payday comes when the IPO happens, not on profits and dividends made in the interim.


There’s a difference in terms of extra cost of making more physical goods and supporting more online users. :slight_smile: And Zwif, unlike toilet paper, has massive power in keeping people at home and well-being. Which is key to the “flattening the curve”.

If Zwift make it free then their income will be Zero, and everyone that work there will not get paid, and the servers won’t be able to run and then no one will be able to Zwift.

Because if Zwift say all new users are free then everyone will cancel their subscription and sign up as a “new” member so that they can also have free Zwift.

There is a lot more cost to start Zwifting that $15. Bike, trainer, PC or laptop or Telephone.

Zwift is free for kids under 16, those are the ones that are the hardest to keep active and with the most free time.

Have you seen this: A message to our community on COVID-19


To me Eric’s statement reads as “Our response to COVID-19? Double down on marketing!”.


I’d pay more than$15 a month gladly, to me the service is a bargain at this price. I bet for some users the $15 a month pays for itself in tire savings alone (direct drive users only of course)

I’m not throwing away 4 years of Zwifting and my Tron bike for a $15 per month saving for a few months! :smiley:


So you are going to judge every company negatively that sells something and didn’t lower their price during the pandemic?

Have fun with your judgment…sounds like it’s going to consume most of your life going forward.


Netflix etc don’t charge per viewer, or per streaming device.
When gym memberships are no longer valid (family deal) it would be good for a family stuck at home to have fun competing on Zwift/Strava but with a normal family that gets way too expensive. Other companies have adapted in these times to help members cope. Come on Zwift, one router…one subscription.


When the “kids” are over 16 and on lockdown?

So you are going to judge every company negatively that sells something and didn’t lower their price during the pandemic?

If Zwift do nothing then I will be neutral towards them. Disappointed maybe, but as Daren said above I don’t have all the facts.

If they raised subscription fees I would be very very negative.

If they helped, even for a short period, even in a small way I would be positive.

Have fun with your judgment…sounds like it’s going to consume most of your life going forward.

And you with yours.

Oh, absolutely! It’s would be incredibly cynical and exploitative for Zwift to raise prices right now.

Luckily, there are no signs that they intend to do so.

I do have sympathy with people who find themselves in a situation where they can’t afford Zwift at the moment. Not for the loss of Zwift itself, but because they’re in financial hardship, possibly having lost a job.

But overall I still regard Zwift as a luxury. If Zwift went away, I could still use my trainer. Either using the manufacturer’s own app on my phone, or one of the other cycling platforms. At least two of them are free.

Yes, you could say the social aspect of Zwift is important, but really how social is it? You don’t see real people. You don’t hear people. All you see are computer generated avatars and text chat. It’s social, but it’s also not the kind of contact people really need in isolated times.

Sunday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK. I couldn’t go and see my mum, but I phoned her. She was very happy I’d phoned, because she lamented that so much contact these days is SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp or email. Seeing faces and hearing voices are more important; and you won’t get that on Zwift per se.

There’s still the option of joining a Zwift-related (or other) Discord chat, or setting up some other videoconferencing system whereby people can exercise “with” each other; but Zwift doesn’t have to be the platform for that.

I also won’t be surprised if people set up accounts with fake dates of birth, pretending their young adult children are actually 12…


I dont think you should be defining what type of contact people need at these times. Also zwift clearly has high scocial value with a strong comunity and to try and downplay that is just wrong right now.


I’m basing that on advice I’ve read from experts in social behaviour in relation to this crisis. From waht I’ve seen, the feeling of isolation is best relieved by human contact - something recognisable as a human being; the sound of their voice, or even better video.

Text on a screen doesn’t really cut it.

However, it’s a while since I read it and I’ve little recollection of where I read it.

Much of the real community aspect of Zwift takes place on Facebook; that’s where we really get to know each other. Live streamers and YouTubers are another really great way of getting to know someone (to some extent) and feeling connected to them.

Frankly, for my own part I make almost no connection to random people I encounter during a Zwift session. Or if I do, it’s fleeting unless backed up by some outside-of-Zwift interaction afterwards.

But you’re right, everyone’s different. I should say it’s not what everyone needs, and doesn’t in itself go far enough for those people.


It is sad people have lost their job, reality is Zwift is a business that is also affected by Covid-19. If someone can not afford $15 a month, than they have bigger issues. $15 a month, easy, don’t buy that bottle of wine, or 6 pack of beer, or that case of Soda or bags of chips every week. there are so many ways to make up $15 a month if people really wanted to. Cut back your TV subscription. Sure, some people will have to stop using Zwift and hopefully will come back when they have the funds, perhaps Zwift will offer people a discounted rate down the road…

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@GorShe_Wheelers Netflix does charge you based on how many devices you can stream too, basic package limits that to 3. If you want more, you need to pay more or move up to the 4k package, at least in Canada.

Tying a license to your router would not be easy, the only identifiable information is your IP (which changes so they cant use that consistantly) and your MAC address, which can be easily spoofed. You sign up, your routers MAC is logged and tied to your unlimited usage account, now i give that MAC to my friend to spoof on his router as any router outside of your ISP’s lets you do this… (on a different ISP) oh now we both get unlimited usage!

So Netflix allow more than one.

I do not believe a lot of folk will go sharing MAC addresses (bit extreme for a small saving) and how would they avoid using it at concurrent times. Not too difficult to detect. Point is it is a shared trainer. I think We know Zwift is simply maximising profit at expense of families at a traumatic time.

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Fact is, Zwift is not essential, it’s pure luxury.
Generations of cyclists have trained on trainers before Zwift.
If you have a bike and trainer and no money for Zwift, you can still do your workout.