Please Lower Subscription Fees During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi Zwift!

Your platform is truly wonderful and getting even more so. Unfortunately I personally know a lot of people for whom current subscription pricing is a luxury they cannot afford. If Zwift were to waive or lower a subscription fee during the COVID-19 pandemic it would prevent a lot of people from going outdoors, which in its turn may result in actual saved lives.

Please think about it.

Buy you friends a gift card for one month, it is a bargain at $15 per month.


I’m sorry, I can’t buy a gift card for everyone in need!

The highest cost to entry for Zwift is the trainer, either smart or classic with speed and cadence sensors, device to run the game, and a bike. The subscription fee is the least expensive part! If someone can spend hundreds of dollars on the equipment, is an extra $15 really holding them back?


You’d be surprised.

I am surprised


Please refer to this thread and make sure you read @shooj response: Free month because of coronavirus


I’m sure Zwift is enjoying a nice up-flow of users and able to afford lowering the fee without much consequences. Again – there are actual people’s lives that could be saved by helping people to stay at home.


A lot of the new users are free children accounts.


That’s certainly a good first step!

A baby step,

Companies need to step up at this time, people will remember for a long time to come what they didn’t do to help.

Many people will be out of work, every penny will count to help. A reduce fee over the coming months will be vastly appreciated. If they do nothing people will remember and the short terms gains they have made will be gone.

Everyone who cycles has pretty much heard of zwift, many are buying their first smart or simple trainer. If they want to keep these users they need to act now.

This global disaster has not even hit peak ■■■■ storm yet :frowning:

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You also have to remember small companies like Zwift is also under a lot of strain, with staff working form home or some that can’t work.

They are adding lots of events and the server load is probably thru the roof.

The best Zwift can do now is keep it running as smooth as possible.

But if you have a friend that wants to try Zwift and you can afford it get him a gift card or lend him your spare trainer. Kindness goes a long way. That is how I got my friends hooked. :grin:


Have you ever heard of economies of scale? Running costs do NOT increase proportionally to number of users.

Zwift at this point has more employees than all of its competitors combined. Many much smaller businesses were able to step in with much more than promise to “keep it running”.

Considering all the people who literally just lost their jobs, I buy this argument even less than a month ago.

(#protip: sell your smart trainer; problem solved)


I don’t know about where you are, but here in the UK I know people who’ve already lost their jobs, or put on fewer hours. And self-employed people for whom there’s little support, yet whose business has dried up. (Tattooist for example).

People who’ve already got equipment.

But when tightening one’s belt to ensure the rent/mortgage is paid and food is bought, subscription services are sensibly often the first to go.

Zwift is in that group along with Netflix, Spotify, Now TV and loads of others. Things that are, when all’s said and done, luxuries.


I’ll happily keep paying my fees to ensure that Zwift staff are kept on the payroll and continue to make sure the platform is available for use.


Glad you can afford to. I can too.

Plenty won’t be able to.

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I will happily continue at the current rate. I can afford that. But many can’t.

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And I’d still happily pay one EUR extra so that for every 15 Zwifters who do that we can keep one who cannot on board.

sounds like we need a Zwift Scholarship fund, donate today!

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