Please implement all country flags in game, it's been too long


Hosting UCI world events but not displaying all country flags is somewhat cringeworthy.

All customers who pay for a subscription should get the same service, including their flag to be displayed in the game.

It’s also matter of delivering a decent quality job.

I can only imagine it’s a technical limitation regarding how they’ve been implemented. I mean, it’s easy to find free to use flag sets on the Web, so I doubt it’s an availability problem.

This set I just downloaded even has the UN flag in it. :smiley:


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Yes, it’s easy to find them… The why question was meant to be about why implement the flags :wink:

Flags are already implemented in game. But not for me. Why implement flags? Because they are already there and form part of in game identity. I would like to have the privilege and option offered to other riders. 3yrs been waiting for my name to have my flag besides it.

Why? Why not?

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