Please expand routes for anti-sandbagging races

As far as I know, anti-sandbagging racing exists for almost a year now. I actually like the way it works, but unfortunately I do not like the current routes available.

No matter what time of the day, the choice is very limited. We can choose between Crit city, crit city or crit city… (admitted: a few times a day there is a Champs Elyssees route)!


So: is there a reason why races with anti-sandbagging are not available outside of crit races / champs elysees? I am probably not the only one who prefers more Hilly routes in e.g. Watopia but likes to race with anti-sandbagging on.

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The current anti-sandbagging system doesn’t work that well and was only intended as a beta. Since the guy who wrote it left Zwift a while ago, it’s now a dead end.

I don’t see the current system being implemented more widely.


Thanks! I didn’t know that the anti-sandbagging will not be further developed, as one developer left!

Maybe we’ll get a new anti-sandbagging system, who knows?

Though what a lot of us want is a whole new system for racing which does away with the whole w/kg system.