Please don't automatically change my avatar's jersey mid-ride

(Michael Simms) #1

I was in the middle of a workout when my avatar’s jersey was changed because I was halfway through a challenge. This was accompanied by a modal dialog that wouldn’t go away. I had to stop riding to get rid of the dialog and also put my avatar’s regular jersey back on. Please don’t ever do this again, it’s pretty annoying and has discouraged me from signing up for future challenges.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

Was the jersey you were originally wearing make your performance any better?

(David K) #3

I can surely understand why a model window popping up in the middle of a ride could cause frustration, especially when it’s not easy to close. However, the window you experienced either marked a milestone or completion in the challenge, and without it, far more of our members would be upset about not being notified or being unable to view their previous progress. They also appreciate seeing the jersey they’ve just earned, and it’s easy enough to change your jersey back at the end of your ride through the Customization Carousel.

I can’t promise that future challenges won’t be interrupted by modal windows and jersey swaps, but our developers will take your feedback into consideration, and if your request garners a lot of support from the rest of our community, there’s a good chance our developers may choose to change the way challenges work.

(Michael Simms) #4

While the modal dialog was extremely annoying (it took up half the screen and didn’t go away for five minutes), it’s also pretty annoying that Zwift now changes my avatar at the beginning of every single ride. Perhaps I’m obsessive compulsive, but now I feel compelled to change it back, at the beginning of every single ride. When is this going to stop?

(David K) #5

Your jersey shouldn’t be switching out on every ride. If you’ve earned KOM jerseys on routes, your avatar will switch to wearing those automatically, but you’ll only be wearing the KOM jersey for an hour, until you log out, or until someone else gets a better KOM time.

When riding, is your jersey always swapping for a specific type or does the jersey selection seem to be random? If you’re seeing your avatar sport a certain jersey that you didn’t select and at the beginning of every ride, please open an email support ticket with us by writing and try to include a few screenshots if possible.