Please create a service app to auto-update without us (standard user) entering the administrator password (Windows)


As what the title says, I’m tired of entering the password in order to update Zwift everytime, and relaunching it after update to avoid running it as an administrator.

Your team can create a service app(automatically having administrator rights), and it can periodically check for updates except when the launcher/Zwift app itself is running. And also trigger it to check right after it closes(or if possible, detected at the start of running the launcher).

I hope it will be implemented in the next update and be the last time I need to enter administrator password, allowing seamless update experience in the near future.

P.S. I’m a software developer (.NET) by profession.

I running Windows and don’t recall ever having to enter my password when updating.

@ Nigel Doyle that is because you are running an account that has Administrator rights. I’m referring to other PC that are shared with other users which may just have Standard user account rights.

Oh I see.