Please cancel a race

Hey, could you cancel my last race (Pedla) as I was not racingin my cat. Many thx . Ben

Zwiftpower will automatically DQ you for racing out of cat so nothing to worry about

It was not a race… Description… Easy and social recovery ride: Join the pedla community in an all inclusive social local loop. It’s a great way to stay connected, catch up and talk about the weekend ahead.

There were probably a few who were not a C Cat but used it as a recovery ride.


Yes race is not the right word, I mean ride. But I was not sure it was ok as I pushed a little too much on pedals tonight. So I thought it was better for me to ask for cancel. (sorry for my bad English)

No problem Ben… there were two of you who were over 4W/kg but unless the race organiser gives you a DQ I would leave it.

You can contact Zwiftpower at and ask them to delete it but considering it will have no consequence it won’t make any difference if it stays in.

It is always a good idea to look at the ride description if it does not clearly tell you whether it is a ride or a race.

I don’t think you really have the grounds for that result to be removed. Generally the ZP team would remove results for things like trainer malfunction. Try and focus on holding the recommended power for your next group ride :+1:

Thanks for your advices :pray::pray::pray:

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