Please add Specialized Roubaix to bike choices

(David Wade) #1

A while back, the Specialized Roubaix was available to users as part of a contest. Could we have that bike back as a choice to use? It’s been programmed and designed, there’s nothing for developers to do but “flip a switch” and make it available. Bikes from previous missions useable in game

(Paul) #2

You might also want to talk to Specialized about including that bike within Zwift, I am sure they have a say in it.

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(David Wade) #3

Zwift customer service told me if I could drum up some noise in forums, they would consider it.

(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #4

Also would be good if neo cobblestone effect will be slightly reduced for this bike)

(.) #5

I’d like the Specialized Roubaix also please Santa/Zwift.

(Johnathan) #6

You/they might need to pay Fuji/ASE for using the Roubaix name.