Please Add Power Curve for CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro

(Paul Denison) #1

Check out the power curve on the CycleOps site - I’m a new trial user and got my butt kicked when I selected the Jet Fluid since there was no selection for the Pro.  It is a much more progressive curve than the Fluid - what are our options, the Watts are very low for the effort expended?  I train weekly on a CompuTrainer, so i know the difference.


Looking at the curves, the Pro takes an additional 100 watts to hit 25mph (400 compared to 300)

(Paul Denison) #2

I sent an email to CycleOps and asked them to send you the Power Curve for the Jet Fluid Pro :slight_smile:

(geoff heitke WDR) #3

I ride on the jet fluid pro as well and have had my butt kicked in races, please add the pro to the trainer selection list. Currently there is only the jet fluid to chose from.

(christina watts) #4

I agree, I am getting ready to use a different program because I can’t even keep up in group rides and I know I am fully capable.