Please add more makeup days to Tour of Innsbruck

(Eric Miller) #1

This is a purely selfish request, but I bet some others out there are feeling it too.

I’ve been riding the Tour of Innsbruck and will continue despite the fact that I will miss the Stage 5 due to a business trip. I thought there would be early morning rides on Tuesday the 18th as there have been on other stages or more makeup days past the 24th. So, my request is to please add a Stage 5 ride on early Tuesday ( PDT ) or to extend the makeup days.

C’mon community, help us out!

(Gerrie Delport) #2

This may sound a bit insensitive, so please read this in a nice way.

I feel some of these Tours and challenges is just to easy, these jersey’s or awards is loosing the appeal.

if it is a 5 day challenge then it need to be done in 5 days not 5 and then another few days.

Like the Zwift academy last year it was hard to get thru all the workouts this year they are short and easy, the hardest part is finding a group ride.

For me there is not point to do them if everyone is a winner.

But i agree it is no fun if you done all the stages and then life happen.

(Eric Miller) #3

No worries Gerrie,

I agree. It should be tough and time gated.

But what I would like to see is the actual dates for the events posted so I can get an idea if even want to start an event like Tour of Innsbruck or save my legs for other events. If the events had been posted ( and I am new to Zwift, so if they were, my apologies ) I would have known in advance.

(Vincent W.) #4

Thanks for the request Eric! I’ve relayed your thoughts to the events team to get their thoughts.