Please add flag for Honduras

Hello, guys. 

Could you please help me out with the Honduran flag? In my game screen it appears as gray, white, gray from left to right, with a gray star in the middle. The flag is supposed to be blue, white, blue, from top to bottom in equal thirds, with 5  blue stars in the middle. 


Thank you for your support and dedication, Zwift Team!

Any chance for some help? It’s been over 3 months and I haven’t received any sort of response from the support team. 

So, four months in and still no response from Zwift. Come on, guys, this is extremely simple, and it’s not the only country that’s missing the in-game flag.


Help us out!

Come on guys, even Wales has its flag…why not Honduras? :slight_smile:


7 months in, no solution, and not even a response from a Zwift Support Team Member. This is very disappointing.

9 months waiting… Are you guys aiming for some sort of PR on having customers waiting pointlessly for easy solutions? My experience with Zwift support has been disappointing so far. 

Honduran flag is now showing up correctly. 

Thank you!