Play kills Controllable channel

Apple TV setup + iOS companion app + Zwift Play

If I go into the game without Zwift Play on, I can get things to work correctly using the Companion bridge.

While in the game, if I go to pairing and pair the Play, I lose trainer resistance (Kickr v5 latest firmware). The controllable channel shows that it’s connected, but I lose resistance.

Two other issues, which are ok because there are workarounds:

  • If I try to get everything working in the initial set up process, the Play never connects at all and I’ve missed a race because of that. workaround is leaving play off until entering a world and pairing through the menu.
  • Changing worlds also has a tendency to break the Play connection. Workaround is shutting everything down and relaunching everything. I would likely do this between warmup and race as well, if I were still trying to use Play…

…but I’m not. The resistance issue means the Play will sit on the shelf. I’ll try again in 6 months

The issues are widespread, i doubt it’ll take 6 months before it’s resolved. Keep checking the forum for further info.