Planned Riding Events - Follow a Group Leader

(Tom Dineen (WSR)) #1

How to boost your total riders by leader’s scheduled events ?  Can you post planned schedules online - under a Schedule ?  Even better, can you send an email to Newbies with planned schedule rides with a Leader ?  

Part of the fun is picking a “Planned Riding Event” by Leader Name.  As a beginner, I’m sort of lost in the community of fast paced group riders that I see online.  I would like to find some planned rides by pace (intermediate, slow, fast) and try to stick with the group.  I would like to see a pack of 50 riders in one grouping that blaze through and complete a workout ride together.

I heard that much of the focus of working out is finding a Leader and knowing the schedule times to join – much like the planned events on Peloton Cycling --having their schedule by leaders ->