Place in group incorrectly reported

As I approached the end of the fondo today, Zwift indicated that I was #1028 (above the nearby riders list). After going through the finish line, I was #1063.

I am quite sure that 35 people didn’t pass me in the final seconds.

I think that before you cross the finish line, the place number is an estimate based on your current progress. My position in the B Fondo stayed pretty close to 398 regardless how many people passed me. My final ranking after the race was 401.

I had the same. I apparently dropped 10 places as I crossed the line.
Not worried really, just passing on info.

Cheers Ride On.

Why show an estimate rather than the actual value? Zwift seems to be able to calculate the actual value instantaneously when you cross the finish line.

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That’s a good question. Mine was an explanation I came up with for why my placement wasn’t changing as I got passed or passed others. I could easily be wrong.

I was in the Gran. When I crossed the line it said I was 299th out of 647 riders
When I looked at the results it said I was 317th out of 327 riders

I was pretty sure the real time place was BS as I started at 470th out of 647 riders and it dropped to 299. I most certainly didn’t pass 171 riders.

What gives?

This is likely due to how late join participants are ranked in the final results list (which is sorted by time in event).

This is something we are working to improve.

I too was off by about 25 spots in my fondo today.

I don’t really understand the issue with late joiners. Regardless of how they are handled in the rankings, here’s my take on the problem:

When I cross the finish line, by whatever criteria are applied, I am 1063rd.

One meter before the finish line, if there are no riders between me and the finish line, Zwift should be able to estimate that I am 1063rd…not 1028th.

How do late joiners mess this up?

Late joiners who are placed within the group may be ahead of you for the rest of the ride, however your in-game position does not consider them ahead of you (which is why you never see your position decrease as late joiners join in the group ahead of you).

The issue is that the rank in the event results screen uses time in group and late joiners will always have a shorter time than you so you will be shuffled down the order by however many late joiners completed the event.

Thanks for the explanation, @Wes! However, this just begs the obvious question, “Why does my in-game position use a different ranking algorithm than the rank in the event results screen?”

It’s a bug. :slight_smile:

(for some reason my smile isn’t rendering) :frowning:

My Zwift companion app only shows the top 500 places for the Zwift Bambino (which only includes those finishing under 1:40) so my time of 1:47 isn’t even listed.

@Carrie_Wentzel Yes this is a known limitation for v1 of event results in Zwift Companion. We are working to improve this. :ride_on:

Thanks Wes! I also didn’t get credit in the current Wahoo challenge for the 3,000’ of climbing I did during the Fondo. Is this a known issue too? And any chance I’ll get credit for it soon?

Perhaps this is a good candidate for ‘Known Issues.’

@Carrie_Wentzel Please file a ticket at to get that looked at. There have been a few reports of some elevation gains being missed by the mission but I’m not sure we’ve been able to reproduce that behavior.

This morning, due to a Bluetooth dongle failure, I was one of those late joiners. Zwift reported that I was number 397 just before I crossed the finish line, and then I jumped 80 positions to 317.

Thanks @Jim_Mattson … there are a few things we are hoping to improve with the results screen and late joiners (and other riders with specific issues during the ride) so that things feel more consistent and reliable.

It’s on my list for sure. :slight_smile: