Pixel 3XL won't connect to the game

Zwift won’t connect via BT to my MacBook Pro for some reason. I tried to use my Pixel 3XL as the bridge between my Elite Quobo trainer and the game. That wouldn’t work either, but my Apple iPhone X would. Anyone know why the Pixel doesn’t work?

I’m a little unclear on what you want the Pixel to do. Are you running the Zwift Companion app on the Pixel and using that to connect to the game app running on the Macbook?

If that’s the case: the Pixel and the Macbook both need to be on the same WiFi network. They use WiFi to connect to each other, not Bluetooth.

Also see this article on support.zwift.com to solve some other issues with Zwift Companion.

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Sorry if I was unclear. I didn’t realize it was WiFi and thought it was a BT issue.

Yes, I’m trying to run the companion app on the Pixel. I’m using the same WiFi network to connect and to pair my trainer to the game. But as mentioned, the game searches for the Pixel but can’t find it. The iPhone is easily found and pairs to the trainer.


Have you tried the other steps in the article I linked upstream?

I did and the issue was I had recently changed the email address for the game, but not the Companion app. Once I did everything worked.

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