Pixel 2XL + Assioma Uno via Ant +

Hi Zwift!

Loving the fact that Ant+ is now supported. Only issue is that I attempt to run Assioma Uno for power, cadence, my Kickr Core for controllable and my Wahoo HR, all via Ant+ and encounter an error each time called SEARCH_RESULT: Timeout.

VIa PC Ant+ to all of these work flawlessly so i know it’s not a dongle issue via OTG cable into pixel (USB C to USB A with Ant+ dongle).

I’ve got ANT Radio Service, Ant USB Service and ANT+ Plugins Service installed and i’ve successfully used other platforms via mobile via ant+ with the same installed device apps and phone/setup.

Happy to help in anyway i can (test bunny or exporting logs etc), and hopefully this helps in some way.


Chris McAlpine

Hi Chris!
Sorry for the troubles, and delay in responding.
Sounds like a 100% repro crash. If you could open up a ticket w/ support@zwift.com and send them logs and screenshots, that would be super helpful. We can then cross reference your details with our crash database, and hopefully find the exact call stack.
Thanks for the detailed feedback, and your excitement for Ant+ !

Hi Chris ,

I have Pixel 2 and Garmin foot pod … I tried to pair them but I could not, also I tried to pair my GARMIN hear strap but it not working. All the ANT packages are installed in my phone .

I would appreciate you comment in this regards,