Pixel 2XL + Assioma Uno via Ant +

Hi Zwift!

Loving the fact that Ant+ is now supported. Only issue is that I attempt to run Assioma Uno for power, cadence, my Kickr Core for controllable and my Wahoo HR, all via Ant+ and encounter an error each time called SEARCH_RESULT: Timeout.

VIa PC Ant+ to all of these work flawlessly so i know it’s not a dongle issue via OTG cable into pixel (USB C to USB A with Ant+ dongle).

I’ve got ANT Radio Service, Ant USB Service and ANT+ Plugins Service installed and i’ve successfully used other platforms via mobile via ant+ with the same installed device apps and phone/setup.

Happy to help in anyway i can (test bunny or exporting logs etc), and hopefully this helps in some way.


Chris McAlpine