Pixel 2 XL on Android P & nVidia Shield Support

I currently have a Pixel 2XL that is on the Android P Dev Preview 4 and could run the Zwift beta well. Thoughts: 

  • Allow UI rescaling - I would personally like to have the informational bar at the top larger to make it easier to see. 
  • I like the implementation of the time and battery indicator and would like to see this implemented for those who run Zwift on laptops.
  • Force fullscreen mode. I currently have a black bar on the ride side of the screen for home and back button and would prefer if Zwift were to take up the whole screen. A swipe over from that side of the screen could then bring the buttons up for use, similar to how YouTube fullscreen works. 

I would love to see support for the nVidia Shield on Android TV. This would allow the Android market to have an alternative to the Apple TV and also allow for simpler large screen setups.

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It seems you got already the apk and the obb files, from your pixel phone, just copy them to the Nvidia shield tv and you are ready to roll. Anyway, I believe is better to play thru moonlight much better quality if you got a Nvidia video card.

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I have the same phone and os. Is ant+ working for you?

Any chance of a share of the apk and obb files. Can’t find a Shield tablet compatible version anywhere :frowning:


+1 for Nvidia Shield TV support.

I would also love to have this apk and obb files… Someone?