Pipe the audio out of ZML device

I currently use earphones plugged into my laptop to listen to the game audio over the sound of the fans and trainer. It would be great to have an option to plug them into my tablet/phone that I have next to me running the ZML.

This would give me much more freedom about placing the laptop wherever I want eg away from sweat and easier to plug into a tv etc.




Bluetooth earpieces or an extension lead maybe?

I can’t see Zwift going for this. ZML is struggling enough as it is to keep up. Adding in sound would further complicate things.

Yes get an extension or better yet Bluetooth earphones. The advantage of doing this on the laptop/pc  is you can play music and hear the game sounds,  I listen to the game, spotify and discord while on zwift. 


Bluetooth ear phones. I use the Beats ones and they are superb.