Pinarello F8 unlocked early

Interesting… i was riding around a couple of days ago, and an ‘Unlocked Bike’ messaged popped up. I thought it was odd, and i would look into it later.

I did. It’s the Pinarello F8. Which claims to be unlocked when you complete the Tour of Italy Challenge. However, i am only 90% complete on that challenge! :slight_smile: Free bike!!

Woohoo! Too bad it’s not any good.


@Jim_Mattson lol savage.

As they say, “ride it like you stole it!”

According to Zwift Insider that’s expected:

A brand-new (virtual) Pinarello F8 Dogma! You’ll actually get the bike at around the 90% completion mark, when you hit Treviso, home of Pinarello Bicycles”

Thanks @Andre_Busnardo I didn’t clock that article. I only saw (somewhere else) that the F8 is unlocked for “completing” the Tour of Italy.

Mystery solved!