pickup races

Due to my schedule it’s often hard for me to plan to join specific races/events and when I’m finally able to get on my trainer, there’s often few options available, if any.

How about an option for “pickup races”. 

A user can initiate a race with their own route and other variables, and when a minimum amount of fellow riders join, the user can launch the race. 

This would allow races to start all the time around the clock and not based on a set schedule.  I personally would use such a feature all the time.

Interesting idea, almost like a Battle royal game. 


This can work for crit style races. the startup page has a button to join a race with a count of people that are ready.

So you would select to do a races then you will be on the road riding and in the corner you will see how many people is in and as soon as there is 10 or 15 ready you get dropped in the pen and the race start. 


I think there will be more races once it start to get colder.