Phone on treadmill at the gym

Probably a stupid question,

I am using my phone at the gym and never found a away how to get my phone not moving around.

The treadmill that they have at my gym don’t have that much space for phones, anyone have found a solution that’s easy to install and not taking ages?

Maybe get a rubber type case for your phone. I’ve haven’t had too much problem with my phone/ipad moving but both are in rubber cases.

Not sure it will be feasible at the gym you go to, but my solution is I put velcro on the back of my iPad case and stick it to the treadmill console. Lock solid.

Double-sided suction cup? Cheap and highly portable. Example:

You could always use an arm band and wrap it around the treadmill but that depends on the design of your treadmill as well. What about getting a car phone holder with a suction mechanism and using it on the treadmill?