Phone app not being detected

(Daniel Wood) #1

I’ve been having some issues over the last couple of rides with being unable to use the phone app with Zwift. I took 2 weeks off prior to this so this may have eventuated after a recent update.

With zwift running on the macbook pro, the iPhone just shows me the one screen for people riding, I’m unable to swipe to my details, or actions etc.

During the ride itself, I briefly see the phone icon appear by my name for about .2 seconds then it disappears. This might happen every few minutes.

I thought there was no pairing required between phone/macbook for the iPhone app am I correct?  Both are on wifi and logged in with the same account. Looking for any tips that I could try.  Note I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app without luck.

(Daniel Wood) #2

Update: Seems to have resolved after rebooting the router and my phone, looked to be a dodgy wifi to the phone.