Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe - implemented June 2022

I totally agree. Can’t be that difficult for Zwift to do.

I wrote this… and was told to Vote for this one instead. Needless to say, we make the same point.

There are too many different routes to continue having Personal Record last 30 days as a useful tool. By the time I get around to riding a route over again, 30 days is passed and I’ve back to a blank PR 30 day screen… there is room for about 30 entries, but who’s riding the same route everyday? How about changing the PR 30 days to something more useful, like PR 180 days… 365 days… etc. How do I know I’m getting faster if every time I ride a route, the PR screen is blank? Anyone agree?


I agree. I was gladly surprised when I saw old PR’s on Strava going back for YEARS! So, I think the limit should be removed entirely.

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I have to support this. The limit of 30 days makes no sense.
Does Zwift ever look or comment in here?

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No it doesn’t appear so

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that the recent culling of Strava segments makes the 30 day limit on PRs even more unhelpful…


Agree 100%. Would love to see Zwift keep PRs indefinitely since there are so many different routes and worlds now!

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Riding Yuzemi has brought this to the forefront of my mind again.

There are no Strava segments for the sprint sections. I assume this is because they are too short to be created on Strava. So that means we’ve no sort of historical record of how we’ve improved over time at sprint segment efforts.

A system built into Zwift would get around these limitations of Strava, and benefit everyone. They’d also be more accurate, because…

Strava rounds to the nearest second. So a faster Sprint or KOM in Zwift can be listed by Strava as “2nd” rather than a new PR.

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I’ve been on Zwift a few years now and after the massive influx of members from Covid, the money pot must be overflowing so what is the excuse why we can’t see our PB beyond 30 days?.

I know there is some way to link to Strava but I don’t want all the hassle of that.

Zwift now has so many routes I can’t get around them all in 30 days, nor do I want to. I’m far too old for racing and when I’ve tried here I’m always at the back. So the only person I can really challenge is me. This means PB’s and I’m very tired of seeing the space on the screen only having a couple of dashs in it.

This is a relic from Day 1. World and route evolution rendered this obsolete a long time ago. Either update it to include our lifetime PR list or let us toggle it off screen. It takes up far too much real estate and sometimes it doesn’t even register a time as it’s referencing a route you aren’t even on which is beyond annoying. And I see that old threads on this topic have been “retired”, that’s just dandy.

In zwiftpower you get all the stats .
But for sure directly in the swift platform would be so much better .
A bit like zwiftpower does it: your best time , the average times …

I would pay more for lifetime PRs…

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I rode London classique last night for the first time in a long time, 30 day PR was blank on the sprint. Time to update this to lifetime PR! With all the new worlds (Giro d’Italia coming this weekend) and routes to ride soon all my 30 day PR’s will be blank! Good thing Strava gets it right…

Just trying to keep this topic front and center, please vote it up!

I rode NYC last night and did the KOM arch, it had been about 2 months since I last rode this route so I had no idea how long it took me the last time. We shouldn’t have to go to a third party to get this basic info on Zwift. Good news, I knocked over 2 minutes off my previous PR! #gains


The PR screen should indeed be updated.

For exemple
The 3 Best Life time PR
The 3 Best Year to date PR
a few Best 30 days PR
And if possible, a collabsable table, where you can see your best times over the years (exemple 2017, 2018, …)
This should all be ingame (so Zwift).

I do not need to know all the times. Just the times that matters, what you are capable of. At this time, I know my climbing times on Epic, Volcono. But I have no clue on New York, since I never ride it since the map choice. But would I enter an event in NY, I need to now the times for pacing the watts.

What do you mean by “Map choice” we had 4 days of New York this month, and 11 Last month?

But the KOM and Sprint timer does not show in events, so you will need to know them beforehand.

Don’t get me wrong I do think we need more than 30days. but how long is long enough, what happen if you get a new trainer or power meter, or you set a PR in a large group how will you remove that PR.

Since you can choose the map, I only choose Watopio (or Innsbruck).

So I have no clue on the segment times in NY/London. If I would enter an event in those worlds, I can look at the leaderboards (I have them enabled to show them at all time), my PB’s. But the PB’s are blank now. If the best lifetime / best year to date efforts are show, I do have a clue how to pace.

About your comment, "what happens if you get a new trainer/large group … " I thought of that too. Perhaps Zwift can built in a “X” behind every best time on the leaderboard, where you can delete it? But a 2 of 3 click “X”, so you would not accidently delete a effort :slight_smile:

Three years since this thread was started.

Four and a half years since the archived version was started.
Personal Records - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe

Five years from the first thread requesting Lifetime PR’s (at least that I’ve found.)
Suggestions (September 2016)

Is some sort of anniversary celebration in order?


Would be great to see your personal PBs of all time on zwift segments in game. Tired of checking strava and frustrated that the only times you see are your last 30 day efforts. Even extend to your 12 month best times. Just a thought.


There are several things that I would like to see improved, and this is definitely one of the top ones. Please implement this, it can’t be that hard to keep the pb data for more then 30 days.