Personal Coach Avatar in Workout mode

(" Mota "Navarro (B)) #1

For me Zwift is social riding , “not alone”.
I feel that way when I ride freely around watopia. Catching up with a stranger for example.
I also feel I am not alone , when I participate in a race.

These zwift activities are great , and zwift has nailed it.

But When I choose a Workout plan
I ride in my own bubble like a ghost around watopia, in this activity I feel alone.

That is why , when I choose a Training day , sometimes I go to Sufferfest or Trainer road. I don’t find it exciting to train in Zwift.( the visuals)
This feeling could change if we get the experience of training with a Personal coach Avatar.( PCA)
A PCA can be infront of me doing the training block as I should, and each block of the plan he will catch up with me to start the next block close to me , in this way leading me through all the workout. Like a coach
In this way I would feel I am training with somebody.
And the (PCA) can wear sponsor shirts by the company that made that workout plan.
For example if I choose a training Peaks plan , my PCA would wear a TP jersey.
This way training would not be lonely experience in the virtual world.
And it would be fun to keep the pace with him.
Riding with somebody ( even a virtual one ) is more fun
By the way I don’t understand the blue transparent guys.